In order to provide a basic outline for expenses involved in tour coach leasing, we have provide the basic costs. 
Each tour, however will be custom tailored to the clients unique itinerary.


Prevost XL2 or H3-45 Entertainer Coach (contingent to tour length and season) - $460.00-$475.00/day
Prevost XL2 Entertainer Coach with slide (contingent to tour length and season) - $555.00-$575.00/day

Driver Fees - $225.00/day (w/o trailer)
                    - $250.00/day (incl trailer)

Trailer (various sizes available) - $60.00-$75.00/day

Over The Road Services

Generator Service (performed every 100 hours of use)  $50.00/service
Bus wash Service (min once per week)  $50.00/wash or $65.00 with trailer
Interior Clean Service (min once per week)  $50.00/service
Linen Service (min once per week or as requested)  $50.00/service

Tour Conveniences

Satellite TV  $20.00/day
Wifi Internet  $15.00/day

Maintenance/End of tour

Engine maintenance  $.09/mile
End of Tour Cleaning  $400.00

Other Costs/Incidentals

Deadhead Fee (charge associated in getting your coach to your pickup or returning from s drop location 
                          when applicable) Call for details
Deadhead Fuel (fuel required to get your coach to the pickup location or returning from a drop location 
                          when applicable) Call for details

A driver will have a separate hotel room provided by the group for each day of the tour. 
Over the road incidental costs paid by the touring group - Daily Fuel, Tolls, Ferries, Oil, Filters, 
                                                                                           Parking, Trip/Fuel Permits, Supplies, etc

Payment Terms

A security deposit and signed contract will secure your coach for your tour. Coaches that are not secured
will still be offered for lease to inquiring clients until both a signed contract and Deposit are received.

Tours less than 21 days will have a final payment date listed on the contract by which the final balance is
due to our office. (5 business days prior to the coach leaving for the tour)  

Tours greater than 21 days will be set up on a weekly payment schedule whereby the first and last weeks
of the tour will be paid in advance to the coach leaving the office. (5 business days prior to the coach
leaving for the tour)  Each subsequent week of the tour, will have a payment due the first day of 
the week for the corresponding tour week.

I don’t remember the name of the bus company we were using at this point, it was one of several
$300-$375 a day companies that disappointed us during this time. There’s no free lunch in this world, 
if you try to save money with buses, you’ll still pay in the end – whether through stress, lost sleep,
breakdowns, whatever. Ultimately, it was a handful of bad experiences like this one that would
lead us to the decision to switch to top shelf bus companies. Because if you try to skimp out, the
money you save on busses, you will spend on whiskey instead.

Eric Normand - http://nashvillemusicianssurvivalmanual.com