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We know that there is a need for transportation and budgets can vary from group to group. We want to partner with you to provide transportation that fits into your budget.
With that in mind, here is your chance to tell us what the budget is, so we can go to work for you!  Just click the link below and email us the details!
Artist Name;
Number of Bunks Required;
Trailer requirements (if any);
Your Email;
Your Phone Number;
Please submit your tour itinerary along with your proposed transportation budget.
We will endeavor to meet your budget criteria based on the information you provide, covering the expenses incurred with leasing a tour coach.  These items include, but are not limited to....
The coach per day;
The trailer being towed;
The driver per day;
Overdrive rates;
Generator services;
Bus/Trailer washes;
Weekly basic interior cleaning;
Weekly linen changes;
Daily satellite service;
Internet access;
Comforter cleaning;
End of tour cleaning (whole coach);
As in any business, there is a bottom line that any company must work above in order to keep operating. As much as we would like to, Imperial Motor Coaches will not and cannot compromise the safety and regular maintenance schedules on our equipment to meet a budget.